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How secure is my money?

At no point is any money handled on the Lorelt site. All transactions are handled exclusively by PayPal - we just take care of getting the music to you.

After making a payment to us on the PayPal site, when you click Return to Merchant you will get a warning that the connection is not secure. You are perfectly safe to click Continue at this point, as no personal or financial information passes via that connection - merely an order number.

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How does the payment process work?

This depends on whether you are buying CDs or downloading MP3s. Either way, you must click the PayPal button on the final page (after you've filled in your contact details). From there you complete the transaction with PayPal, using either your own PayPal account or a credit card.

If you are buying CDs, you don't have to do anything else, but if you click PayPal's Return to Merchant button, we will thank you politely for your custom (which we also do by email, of course).

For MP3s, you must click PayPal's Return to Merchant button to get to your music for downloading. You will find all the necessary instructions on the download page.

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Why can't I get my downloads immediately?

This is all a matter of timing. After you make your payment, two things happen independently: (1) you return to Lorelt via PayPal's Return to Merchant button; and (2) PayPal send us notification of your successful transaction, which our database gets to work on. If you're very quick on the button, or depending on other circumstances, you might get there first, which is why you'll see the page suggesting you refresh it a few times. It'll almost certainly come right on the second try.

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I've received a Download Access Code by email - what do I need this for?

If you have bought quite a few tracks for downloading, you don't have to download them all at once, but to return to download the rest you need that code, and the link in the email, to get in.

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Why do I have to log out from the downloads page?

Once you are logged into your downloads, no-one else can log into that page. This is to prevent people from stealing our music. Each time you click a track to download it that log-in is renewed and will last for 90 minutes* unless you log out. So if you leave the page without logging out and then try to go back to it within 90 minutes, you'll be told that someone is already logged in and won't be able to access your music. If you log out as we ask, you can return straight away if you want to - or someone else can (see below).

* In our tests, this is how long it took to download our longest single track over a 56 kbps dialup connection, which is why we chose this length of time.

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Why does the downloads page keep telling me I'm not logged in? Cookies!

Your browser must be able to accept cookies for you to be able to download your music.

To be sure your browser is accepting cookies, follow these instructions.

Note: When cookies first appeared they were regarded with a great deal of suspicion, but they are actually very safe - they are not viruses, worms or any other type of 'malware', so you can feel perfectly safe in allowing your browser to accept them.

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Can I buy downloads as a gift for someone else?

Yes, you can! But of course you can't both get at the music for downloading. Make your purchase in the normal way, then when you get to the downloads page just log out immediately. Then give the link and Download Access Code in your email to the person you want to give the tracks to. They will then be able to get anything you haven't already downloaded. This way, you can also download some of the tracks for yourself and leave the rest for someone else.

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How good is your audio?

Lorelt's MP3s are all encoded using LAME encoding, using the V2 setting. This is a variable bit rate with a target rate of 190 Kbit/sec, which gives an excellent trade-off between good sound quality and small files.

The nature of much of our music (acoustic, relatively transparent, simple textures) means that the resultant average bitrate is often significantly below the target of 190 Kbit/sec. This does not mean the sound quality will be poorer, but that LAME has done its job efficiently and produced a smaller file, so you get a faster download and less space consumed on your iPod or other MP3 player.

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Why can't I play the audio extracts?

You need at least version 6 of the Flash Player plug-in for your browser. You can download the latest version (version 9 at the time we developed our player) here.

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Sometimes I end up playing more than one audio extract at once

Some browsers treat our MP3 players better than others. When you click a Play button (play) button, anything else that's playing should stop, but in some browsers this doesn't happen reliably, so you may have to click the Stop button (stop) button of the one that's already playing.

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