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LNT122: Piano Music from Northern Ireland


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Piano Music from Northern Ireland

Music by:
Philip Hammond
Alan Mills
Eibhlis Farrell
Deirdre McKay
David Byers

Performed by:
David Quigley (piano)

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1 Philip Hammond: African Black (1993) 4:33 5.8MB £0.79
2 Alan Mills: Night-music (1987) 3:13 3.6MB £0.79
3 Eibhlis Farrell: Time drops (1988) 9:14 10.7MB £0.99
4 Alan Mills: Reproductions - 1: Resignation (after Edvard Grieg) (2002) 2:37 2.9MB £0.79
5 Alan Mills: Reproductions - 2: Valse Oubliée (after Franz Liszt) (2002) 1:05 1.3MB £0.79
6 Alan Mills: Reproductions - 3: Moorish Dance (after Samuel Coleridge-Taylor) (2002) 2:39 2.8MB £0.79
7 Alan Mills: Reproductions - 4: Melancholia (after Emmanuel Chabrier) (2002) 3:08 3.4MB £0.79
8 Philip Hammond: Ho Hum Hill NH (2001) 7:06 8.0MB £0.99
9 Deirdre McKay: Time, shining (1998) 9:56 11.1MB £0.99
10 David Byers: Echoes of survival (2004) 3:59 4.4MB £0.79
11 Philip Hammond: The island beyond the world (2001) 10:26 11.8MB £1.49
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