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LNT137: London New Voices


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London New Voices

Music by:
Nicola Moro
Kim Ashton
Paul Evernden
Matías Hancke de la Fuente
Leonardo Margutti

Performed by:
Odaline de la Martinez (conductor)

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1 Nicola Moro: Chiaroscuro 10:19 15.0MB £1.49
2 Kim Ashton: Axial 11:58 17.0MB £1.49
3 Paul Evernden: Beata Luna 9:29 13.4MB £0.99
4 Matías Hancke de la Fuente: Deshielo / Laissez vibrer 7:56 10.9MB £0.99
5 Leonardo Margutti: Of Instance and Memory - 1: i First Instance, ii Theme, Variations and Fugato 6:21 9.8MB £0.79
6 Leonardo Margutti: Of Instance and Memory - 2: iii Second Instance 3:20 5.6MB £0.79
7 Leonardo Margutti: Of Instance and Memory - 3: iv Fragments, v Final Instance 4:21 7.0MB £0.79
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