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"...a very recommendable disc. Excellent performances and recording."
- Gramophone

About Lorelt

LORELT (Lontano Records Ltd) is the first independent classical record label in the UK to offer its own MP3 downloads. It was formed in 1992 by the composer and conductor Odaline de la Martinez, to promote recordings of important repertoire neglected by major record labels. The three main areas covered were 20th and 21st Century Composers, Latin American Classical music and Women Composers of all periods. Although originally the principal recording artist was to be the music ensemble Lontano, as the label grew other excellent performers were acquired.

The list of 20th and 21st Century composers represented is immense, ranging from the only commercial recording of Boulez’s Marteau sans Maître not conducted by the composer, to music by Peter Child, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Luís Tinoco, Jeremy Dale Roberts, John Metcalf, two CDs of orchestral and choral music by Elizabeth Maconchy, and the first disc of music by the remarkable Minna Keal. Composite albums include a collection of Music from Northern Ireland, London New Voices — chamber music by young and promising British composers and A Place in the Sky — music for clarinet, Andrew Sparling soloist.

Our Latin American releases are extremely varied. Songs from Latin America, Alma Latina, and Brazilian Mosaic include a variety of composers. The first, a collection of classical songs from throughout the Latin American continent, includes composers such as Villa Lobos, Lecuona, Modesta Bor, and Ginastera. Alma Latina features Electroacoustic music from Latin America - with all the composers having strong musical links with Europe. Brazilian Mosaic features the distinguished pianist Clélia Iruzun in concertos for piano and strings by Francisco Mignone, Ronaldo Miranda, and Marlos Nobre, linked by several jewels from Villa Lobos. Single-composer CDs include music by Villa Lobos, Silvina Milstein, Francisco Mignone, Alberto Ginastera, Ernesto and Ernestina Lecuona, and Odaline de la Martinez.

Under the category of Women Composers we include the award winning Archaeus String Quartet’s CD of music by Smyth, Beach and Spain-Dunk, music by New Zealand Women Composers, Fleurs Jetées featuring French women composers, music by Dorothy Ker and British Women Composers Volumes 1 and 2.

Expanding the piano repertoire saw the release of six piano CDs: Lecuona - Ernesto and Ernestina with Clélia Iruzun, Piano Music of Carlos Guastavino with Alma Petchersky — also soloist in The Piano Music of Alberto Ginastera; Piano Music by Philip Hammond introducing three excellent Irish pianists to our roster: David Quigley, Cathal Breslin, and Michael McHale. David Quigley is also featured on our CD Piano Music from Northern Ireland. Marietta Veulens is featured as composer/performer on Piano Cubano — De algunas zonas del alma. This last CD — a fusion of Afro-Cuban and classical music — also represents a new area of interest for us.

Recent additions to our catalogue feature solo and chamber music. Andrew Sparling’s solo clarinet CD A Place in the Sky shows an exciting side to the instrument that is not often heard. Marlos Nobre Piano Music with Clélia Iruzun brings to the listener the wonderful influence of traditional Brazilian Music on the classical piano repertoire. Nobre has often been hailed as the next Villa Lobos. London New Voices, Silvina Milstein’s Ochre, Umber and Burnt Sienna and Rob Keeley’s Dances with Bears featuring Lontano Ensemble conducted by Odaline de la Martinez, differ greatly in style but are unique collections of outstanding British composers.

We have added two new categories, within our general scope — Choral Music and Instrumental Music. We look forward to expanding in this area.

LORELT offers a sumptuous banquet of exotic and exquisite delights. May we tempt you to taste our fare?”

Odaline de la Martinez, Artistic Director